Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy Helps Regenerate Your Body

At Total Wellness we believe that we are living organisms, not objects. Due to this philosophy, we know the power that Magnetic Therapy has, in regenerating our body. From acupuncture to massage therapy we believe in using different types of holistic approaches to help cure and aide our client’s symptoms. That’s why we’ve included Magnetic Therapy in our services here in West LA. We ensure that our products are effective and safe to use. In fact they’re the only magnets on the market that are currently FDA approved.

How it Works

Magnetic Therapy works when you strap the device to your body. We have multiple options, depending on what your specific needs are. We have a magnetic belt that comes in multiple sizes because in order to receive the full benefits, you have to get the correct size for you. We also carry elbow, wrist, knee and ankle magnetic straps, as well as insoles for your shoes. Each one of the magnetic therapy products is made with magnets that are encased in plastic with 1,500g. These magnets are powerful enough to stimulate the area that it’s touching. They create a warming sensation in your “problem areas.” The sensation is noticeable after a few moments but it is not painful or uncomfortable. It’s a slight warming sensation that starts getting your blood to circulate.


There are a number of positive effects that come from using the belt or one of our straps. Aside from circulation, Magnetic Therapy also helps with:

  • Posture: Wearing the belt, not only helps people who are on their feet all day but also people who work office jobs. Magnets stimulate both your belly button area (your core) and also your lower back. This keeps you sitting and standing correctly. The belt also helps with general back support.
  • Pain: These magnetic straps can help reduce pain by warming the area while the magnets also apply a small amount of pressure. For athletes, using our elbow, wrist, knee, or ankle straps are a good way to keep the areas circulating, even during practice or games. It also helps reduce lower back pain by wearing the belt all day. For people who have issues with their shoulders, you can place the belt on the lower part of your pillow and sleep with it (unstrapped) to help circulate the shoulders.
  • Weight Loss: It usually takes about 3-4 weeks to see results, but the belt has proven to produce a slimming effect around the waist and stomach. Muscles, not bones, hold all of the weight. When you’re wearing the belt, and your posture is perfect, you’ll actually be burning more calories. Of course we advocate not relying solely on our magnetic belt to lose weight, but use it to complement your healthy diet, workout, and lifestyle.

At Total Wellness located on Santa Monica Blvd, we’re the North American distributor of all of the magnetic products that we carry so we fully understand how they work, how to use them, and who could benefit from using them. Like all of our services, Magnetic Therapy is no different, we evaluate your specific needs and spend time and consideration to figure out what the possibilities are for you. Call us today at (310) 996-7778 to find out any more information about this type of therapy, and as always we’re happy to help and set you up with a consultation.