Detox Acupuncture

Immunity Increasing & Detoxification Program

Our Detox acupuncture on Santa Monica Blvd., gives the body a chance to be in a better state of health. Your body has a natural detox system that uses the spleen to help filter blood and fight infection. When the spleen detects dangerous bacteria, viruses, or microorganisms in the blood, it creates white blood cells that defend the body against invaders. Acupuncture detox is a natural and healthy way to help your body detox by focusing on specific acupuncture points. Living in Los Angeles, we recognize there are a lot of reasons to detox, like the air we breathe, the stressful commutes we have, and or even the diets that we’re on.

Detox Acupuncture Points- A Healthy Way to Detox

Detox and cleanses have become trendy, with the rise of detox pills and juices. The problem is some of these products are just as harmful to the body as the unhealthy diet you already have. For us, a detox isn’t a 24 hour juice cleanse or pill to help jump-start your body into detoxing. At our center, located near West LA, our detox is about aiding your body’s natural defense to help cleanse it with a healthy technique of focusing on your body’s acupuncture points. Acupuncture isn’t a recent fad but a treatment that helps your body’s health and wellness, and it’s been a successful technique used for centuries.

A quick drive from West Hollywood, our Immunity Increasing and Detoxification Program helps:

  • Soften stool to eliminate it
  • Eliminates contamination
  • Helps the intestines absorb nutrients
  • Flushes stagnating feces that buildup in fecal pockets
  • Helps the spleen filter blood

Whether you live in Santa Monica or Beverly Hills, we can help you detox through our acupuncture practices. Dr. Kim has been doing acupuncture for thirty years and has successfully provided people with detox treatments.