Eye of the Needle

Acupuncture helps stimulate specific points on the body, through the use of inserting thin needles through the skin. Dr. James Kim has been trained in acupuncture for more than 30 years and successfully treats clients for different ailments. As a trained specialist, Dr. Kim is always safe and methodical. He takes every client as an individual and applies a treatment specific to their needs.

Dr. Kim’s method of doing acupuncture therapy corresponds with the Qi that circulates within the body in “meridian” lines. Using the traditional method, Dr. Kim uses four diagnostic methods to figure out the best acupuncture approach.


Kim first examines based on his visual sense. Compiling visible indicators of health issues such as color and posture, Dr. Kim views the body as whole as well as individual components to health.

Auscultation and Olfaction:

Kim also uses sound and smell to figure out what the symptoms could be. With Auscultation, Dr. Kim listens for abnormal sounds in speech, respiration, and even coughs. With Olfaction, Dr. Kim uses scent to determine the issue, taking note of any irregular smells coming from the client.


Kim asks each client about symptoms they are feeling, as well as a history of health issues, such as asking about family history and personal history of diseases and symptoms.


This part of the process relies heavily on touch. Particularly examining the pulse to feel any signal pattern that the body is displaying. Dr. Kim also presses and touches the body using his fingers and palm to get any kind of tactile information.

Remember when the body is unwell, it will show signs in some form, whether that’s through how it physically looks, the sounds it makes, what it smells like, or what it feels like (even with the pulse). Dr. Kim uses all these diagnostic methods to perform acupuncture in the areas that you mainly need it in.

  • Infertility Issues
  • Insomnia
  • Sports Injuries
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Drug/Alcohol/Smoking Addiction
  • Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Psychological Disorders
  • Menopause
  • Cosmetic Issues and more!

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is similar to acupuncture but concentrated on your face. For years people have flocked to Botox in an attempt to receive a youthful looking appearance. Due to the harmfulness of injecting poison in your skin, people have searched for alternative methods for wrinkle-free skin. At Total Wellness Center, we provide clients with facial acupuncture so you can achieve the same desired results as Botox, but in a healthier, non-invasive way.

We gently place needles on your face in a session that takes around 45 minutes. Facial acupuncture can reduce or erase lines or wrinkles, build collagen, increase elasticity, reduce under eye puffiness, firm the chin jowls, improve complexion, brighten skin tone, and clear acne. Because it does so much at once, a natural glow is a result from getting Cosmetic acupuncture. Most people see results as early as the first session and the effects can last up to three months.

Fertility Acupuncture

Many couples have come to Dr. Kim with fertility issues because Western medicine and other methods haven’t worked. Often times these couples are so frustrated that they just want something to work. With Fertility acupuncture, Dr. Kim provides you a safe and less harmful way than fertility drugs, which a lot of couples resort to. The issue with fertility drugs is the side effects which commonly include abdominal tenderness, bloating, fluid retention, weight gain, and nausea. Some studies have shown that fertility drugs may also cause breast cancer.

Fertility acupuncture helps in reducing stress. Stress releases the hormone cortisol in the brain, which changes hormone levels and disrupts the pituitary balance. The pituitary balance is key for the reproductive cycle. Acupuncture is vital to lowering stress levels and calming a client. For women, stress can prevent them from ovulating entirely. For men, stress can lower sperm counts and can even cause impotence. Fertility acupuncture can help reverse the effects of stress and cortisol by releasing endorphins in the brain.

With so many different health benefits, you should try acupuncture today! Call us to schedule an appointment.